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Totem Magic book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Inside of each of us an animal lies in wait, ready to be revealed and ex.
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Hi Anasopiah, I was wondering if you have any insight on to why I seem to be followed by crows most of my life. I am 35 and have had flocks murders of crows following me most of it. This is not a joke and they don't ever seem threatening to me. I am curious as to your insight.

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I feel I am a spiritual person and want to know what might be the meaning of their constant watch over me. Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide. This is extremely interesting, thank you. If you have other writings about either wolves, ravens, or especially the pair together, I'd love to see them.

Do you have any Idea at to why Ravens and wolves seem conected somehow? If so please let me know. Merry Meet. The Raven and wolf have a relationship based on food and play.

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The Ravens follow wolf packs and eat left over meat. And tease the wolf by biting their tails. I have dreams of a crow it always seem to be the same one not long after the dream sometging major happens either good or bad But im tring to understand this At first i was scared of them they never seem to be scared of me most birds fly away in presents of us but it seem to linger around me. But its alway one that looks just like the ones in my dream.

Please help me understand! Thank you. The crows were actually outside my window when I awakened, and they were really loud! Normally the crows around here are quiet. Zion is a name we can associate with several things. Zion in the Bible - a place of peace. It translates over no matter what your spiritual path. Perhaps its time to walk the path of healing and peace. I suggest meditating on finding an inner light and filling yourself with it on a very regular basis.

Do not let the chaos of everyday cloud your inner self. Perhaps you were in the midst of learning a life lesson or of teaching another. Check out the research they are conducting in Yellowstone National Park. Its one great example. They work together in harmony with one another. Often the crows or ravens will act as spotters for the wolves and lead them to prey, play together and wolf will share its meal with them. If you have one as a totem you should learn and meditate on all three. As one never comes without the others.

I love that you have them all together here. Hi, I was very intrigued by your blog. My fiance has been followed by a certain crow all his life, to the point where he can pick it up and pet it.

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As early as a Usenet newsgroup, alt. Over the last twenty years, Therianthropy has become a fascinating addition to the sphere of cyber-spirituality. The Therianthropy community does have its offline components. The discussion that ensues will demonstrate how Therians reify their anthrozoomorphic identity through the appropriation of spiritual con- cepts into personal mythologies. Like Otherkin persons who identify as fantastic beings such as angels, fairies, and elves and modern Vampires who divide themselves into blood-drinking sanguinarians and psychic energy-feeders , Therianthropes should be understood as constituting one of several movements that promote an other-than-human ontology.

I concur with Joseph Laycock and Danielle Kirby that while these ontological groups may not constitute a religion in the tradi- tional sense, they provide significant metaphysical, spiritual, and existen- tial frameworks from which supernatural identities are developed. Image courtesy of O. As we shall see, Therians believe they have non-human hence super- human souls, unique metaphysical properties and abilities animal- human auras, shape-shifting capabilities, memories of past lives , and are immersed in the language of magic; hence, constructing a Therian iden- tity is indicative of new modes of self-sacralization.

In addition, Paul Christian, with- out much explanation or ceremony, lists the werejaguar and werealli- gator of West Africa, the weretiger in India, the werecoyote in America, the werejackal in Egypt, and the weredingo in Australia.

The recurring motif of cross-species transformation is found in the oldest recorded story, The Epic of Gilgamesh, fragments of which date as far back as BCE. Lykaon was ruler of Arkadia, the rustic land of the satyr-god Pan. As punishment for serving Zeus a feast of human flesh, Lykaon is changed into a wolf. It is from this myth that we get the word lycanthropy, meaning both the condition of turning into a wolf and, in clinical terms, the delusion under which people act like, or believe themselves to be, a wolf. Comic book superheroes Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, and other X-men, whether by masquerade or mutation, are paradigms of anthro- zoomorphic power.

However, the Hollywood remake of The Wolfman and the version of Red Riding Hood indicate that the werewolf remains the protean monster of choice, retaining its popularity in the mass enter- tainment industry alongside a spate of recent vampire-oriented novels, films, and television series. If postmodern society is driven by personal enjoyment and consumer choice as Bauman suggests, it is no wonder that increasing numbers of people are adopting unconventional identities and alternative lifestyles.

Some opt for body modification to take on permanent physi- cal features of an animal. Dennis Avner, known as Stalking Cat, is fa- mous for having undergone extensive facial reconstruction to achieve a feline visage, with tattooing, fang shaped dentures, sub-dermal implants, and artificial whiskers. Furry Fandom is currently the most visible expression of this interest. Furries are people who celebrate their interest in anthropomorphic animals, such as characters from comics, cartoons, or Disney movies.

While there are Therianthropes who engage in Furry Fandom, the two are distinct subcultures and both eagerly encourage this differentiation, the former keen to disassociate the perceived frivolity of fandom and role-play from the spiritual solemnity of their relationship with animals.

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  • The metaphor of shape-shifting is of great value in some Neopagan and Neoshamanic practice, providing an analogy for personal change and self-improvement through the acqui- sition of spiritual knowledge and magical powers associated with animals and nature. But, in fact, skin walking is an ancient tradition that lives on in our collec- tive unconscious. This agenda is of course unique to Homo sapiens and articulated through the language of magic, soul-searching, and harnessing personal power, preoccupations not shared by our animal companions.

    Neopagan authors Yasmine Galenorn, Rosalyn Greene, and Lupa have offered techniques for metaphysical shifting through animal spirit possession. Shape-shifting rituals aim to enable the practitioner to call upon the animal spirit for psychic aid, gain secret wisdom, and draw the power of the animal into the self. These binaries are re- negotiated by those who shift. Channeling animal power, thus extending the human experience, is one of the major goals of Therianthropy, a goal shared by many animal- lovers, fetishists, fictional superheroes, and Neoshamans who wish to em- body animal aspects.


    The first community of modern Therianthropes was formed in on the message boards of alt. By the end of , discussion threads were inundated with queries and personal sto- ries about metaphysical animal-human transformation. Most contribu- tors were students accessing Usenet through university facilities from English-speaking countries. It allows us a greater contact with nature and places a perspective on our human side. Werewolves are vita, pas- sionate, aggressive, sensual and non-conformist to the extreme. They represent the possibility of transformation and ascension beyond the norm, and they must deal with both the pleasure and pain attached to this change.

    They are our hope to be something more than human. Something better. It was a time of great acceptance, learning, and an unusual level of maturity. The ter- minology and slang of the spiritual Therianthropy subculture began to develop for the first time, and people began to classify and study all the reports [of Therianthropy].

    Griff Host of Animal Planet's "Wild Jobs" dancing to Mr. Carmack

    A Therian participates in dominant cul- ture, for example, by appropriating aspects of the were-creature of popular culture, and yet is positioned outside of it as non-human and non-conformist. We who believe in Spiritual Therianthropy feel those animal remnants very strongly. We exist in the human world, but long to seek connections with the animal one.

    It contacts us through totems, through dreams, through our very souls. We cannot completely leave the human world, nor completely enter the animal one. We are in-between, half animal and half human in psyche. We seek to balance the two halves of our nature, so that someday we can teach the rest of humanity how to balance its drive to conquer with the reality that it needs nature to survive.

    As the Internet has expanded, so have modes of communicating about Therianthropy. However, a notable quality of the Therianthrope com- munity is their desire to preserve their cyber-history. Therians have reached all corners of the web, writing blogs, posting videos, and hosting forums and discussion boards such as The Werelist. The following section will attempt to introduce some of the main tenets of Therianthropy as it is presented by members of the online movement.

    These pedagogical projects provide glossa- ries, testimonies, and lists of references for shape-shifting folklore. Conventionally, Therianthropy is explained through mental or spiritual reasoning.


    Totem Magic: Dance of the Shapeshifter

    Without it being necessarily a genetic trait, many Therians believe they were born with a therioside, or at least the capacity to develop one. Some Therians believe that their spirit is an immutable blend of human and animal, while others contend they possess multiple souls. Scribner, author of the online comic Theri There, deals with the question of etiology in several of his strips. Investigating animal behaviors, habitats, and physical features to recognize patterns are methods to divine a theriotype.

    Otherwise, meditation, lucid dreaming, or calling upon totem or guardian spirits as guides are recommended revela- tory techniques. Part of it is spiritual, part of it is UPG unverified per- sonal gnosis and part of it just feels right to me. Despite her evil character, I related strongly to her and her unusual form. An ample lexicon of neologisms divides the subcategories of Therian- thropy. As lycanthrope is used to describe a wolf Therian, cynanthrope and ailuranthrope mean dog and cat Therian.

    Big cats are also prolif- erate, followed by other breeds of felines. It is also easy to understand the appeal of powerful predators over the meeker members of the animal kingdom. They were loud, unwieldy, ugly birds to me. I thought I was going absolutely insane. I fought it tooth and nail, and yet I could feel that armour plating begin coming up, snapping into place, in daily life. Now, you can be twice as strong, for though you are small, you are fast, you have self-defence.

    Some shifts are stronger and fiercer than others, some are quiet, well hidden by conventions of hu- man life. Some changes do not translate well onto the [computer] screen. Some do. These shifts may be brought on by performing specific rituals, or they can be triggered unintentionally by a heightened state of emotion. A phantom shift is often invoked by a mental shift. In this case, therioside body parts are felt or sensed in the way a phantom limb may be felt by an amputee. Therians have theorized that they are able to sense the muscle memory of anatomy from a previous life, or from another dimension where they inhabit an animal form.

    Upper palate expanding, stretching, elongating. The arms are next. Arms resisting forward movement, fingers stretching to unbending length. Shoulder socket rotating back, limb-lengths all wrong, all disproportionate. I am off balance, disoriented.